Saturday, December 7, 2013

Miss Ali

What a joy it has been to share my classroom with the sweet, efficient, lovely and bright, Miss Ali!!  She surprised me with this hand-made decoration this week!!  She hates surprises.... So she's in store for some fun herself, come next week!  Hee, hee😄. 

We love our Miss Ali and will miss her terribly, but wish her well as she graduates and moves on to become what we are certain of-an amazing teacher!!

Honoring Nelson Mandela

With the sad news of his passing, we devoted our Read Aloud Friday, to an incredible man and leader of Good--Nelson Mandela!!

I also shared some of my favorite Nelson Mandela quotes with the students.  While I usually save these for our African-American Unit in seemed timely to honor him on this day! May he rest in peace.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

It's the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year!!  We are switching up our literature circle for the month of Dec. as we indulge in some favorite Christmas stories.  We continue our literacy strategies, Making Connections, Asking Questions and Predicting in our Reader's Notebooks.  We also continue the CAFE menu and Daily 5 workstations!  We are so excited about the huge gains the students had on their recent MAP Reading test!!!  So we've updated all of our Daily 5 stations and groups have changed to reflect this new growth!! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We have started the delightful book Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the kids are really enjoying it!  We continue to use the CAFE menu and literacy skills as we read.  We are also working on the 2.6 paragraph with a graphic organizer to help us summarize each chapter in our Reader's Notebook.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Winn Dixie party

Today we celebrated another round of 15 Horseshoes and we had a Because of Winn Dixie story party!!  It was awesome and we even brought PICKLES!    What a great way to celebrate good behavior with an excellent story!!  The kids had an awesome time and we even noted some major differences from the movie to the I think it was a majorly,  successful,  literature  event!

I think our favorite line of the movie was....." Now, what in corn on the cob?....."   Mathew laughed until he was turned over on this line!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Skype with Bat Specialist

This week we had a SKYPE session with a Bat Specialist!  The students had some excellent questions and he was able to answer them ALL!  We learned a lot about bats and we used Popplet to record our learning on an online graphic organizer creator!

SKYPE with China!

We had an opportunity to SKYPE with China last week while a Professor from MSU was visiting in China!  SKYPE is always such an exciting tool and the students are so engaged!  

Friday, October 4, 2013


Congratulations to a Tilden Hogge alumni and former student, Morgan Mitchell for being named Homecoming Queen 2013!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

I just HAD to post this one! It just HIT me as one of those posts that HAS to be! It's THAT important and it's THAT relevant! So here goes: It's from a mother of the Newtown tragedy....and we already posted about our participation in the Newtown tragedy last year....we designed snowflakes for their student's return to school after Christmas break. This post comes from a letter from a mother of a Newtown tragedy as well as the same mother of a Newtown survivor! My favorite line: It's about Courage, Faith and Love...... My thoughts-ALWAYS! Hope you gain as much from reading it as I did!

oh- and don't let them suck your fun circuits dry.....we refueled our FUN CIRCUITS today with Fun Friday!!!!  So needed!!! :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reading Because of Winn Dixie

We've started our next literature book, Because of Winn- Dixie.  We will be learning new reading strategies and applying the skills we learn to our work in our Reader's Notebook.  We've already learned about MAKING CONNECTIONS (that could be Text to Self, Text to Book, or Text to World) and so we will be practicing applying that literacy strategy as we continue to read this story.  We will be learning to identify main ideas and determine important details also with this story.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome Back!!

We are back at it and what a great start we've had!  Meet our wonderful class in the slideshow on the HOME page!!

I am already enjoying the wonderful group of third graders and although we are a large, large class......I know we will become a tight knit family because that is just how we ROLL!!! :)

Be sure to ask your child about a very important FIRST DAY SNACK that we enjoyed together......and the tasty traits we want to see in our classroom!!  (The friendship mix contains raisins-which represent the friendly kids we want in our room, the peanuts represent the hard working students we want in our room, the M&M's are the kids who say kind things to encourage, the sesame toasties represent strong thinkers that we want in our room and we didn't use the rotten banana in our snack because we know that one rotten banana can ruin the whole snack.....just like we don't want a rotten banana in our classroom to ruin a good year for us!)  

We read First Day Jitters and Mrs. Fannin made her Fabulous Juice while we created a Friendship snack for all to share!  It's going to be a FABULOUS year!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skype and FaceTime :)

We are so excited about using SKYPE in our classroom!!!  It is a wonderful tool to enhance learning.  We've also found that using Iphone's FaceTime feature could be equally educational when a parent FaceTimed us during her recent visit to Spain!!! We got a bird's eye view of the cobblestone streets and saw some amazing architecture!  These were experiences our small-town kiddos do not get to experience so it was quite a treat!!!

Today we skyped with a 3rd grade class from Virginia to compare and contrast animals native to each region.  Before the skype session, we researched about animals native to Kentucky. Then we created a compare/contrast graphic organizer using popplet.  We invited our skype class to be collaborators on our popplet so we could co-create the compare/contrast chart during the skype session.  Talk about engaging learners!!!!  WOW!!!  We had so much fun and learned that although we have MANY common animals.......Virginia had some different animals mostly due to the fact that they have an ocean bordering their state.  This lead to some rich discussions that carried on even after the skype lesson was finished.

We can't wait to SKYPE again!!  As for FaceTiming......well that was pretty cool too!!!  I LOVE technology!!!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

We have been reading and writing poetry for Poetry Month and using digital tools to PUBLISH our writing.  Check out some of our Glogster posters, Prezi presentations and Vokis 

Friday, March 29, 2013


March 2013

We enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with I Love To Read Week. 

We also are enjoying our read aloud for Oz The Great and Wonderful.  We will see the movie and do a compare and contrast chart in our Reader's Notebooks.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 2013

We celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH with a study of the Slavery and Civil Rights time periods. We are enjoying Read Alouds on Famous African Americans and learning the history of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. The students are so intrigued by the topic of slavery, prejudice and Civil Rights and we have had such rich discussions through this study. Children always restore my faith in humanity, but do so especially during discussions on equity, fairness and kindness. Children inherently have these qualities and it is endearing how simplistic the world's problems seem through the eyes of a child........if only our leaders and adults in the world could rectify our issues so easily as children could!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We are back from Christmas break and eager to get back to our reading with the start of next book in the Jeff Kinney series, Rodrick Rules. We continue our work in our Reader's Notebooks as well as online with our class blog.