Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skype and FaceTime :)

We are so excited about using SKYPE in our classroom!!!  It is a wonderful tool to enhance learning.  We've also found that using Iphone's FaceTime feature could be equally educational when a parent FaceTimed us during her recent visit to Spain!!! We got a bird's eye view of the cobblestone streets and saw some amazing architecture!  These were experiences our small-town kiddos do not get to experience so it was quite a treat!!!

Today we skyped with a 3rd grade class from Virginia to compare and contrast animals native to each region.  Before the skype session, we researched about animals native to Kentucky. Then we created a compare/contrast graphic organizer using popplet.  We invited our skype class to be collaborators on our popplet so we could co-create the compare/contrast chart during the skype session.  Talk about engaging learners!!!!  WOW!!!  We had so much fun and learned that although we have MANY common animals.......Virginia had some different animals mostly due to the fact that they have an ocean bordering their state.  This lead to some rich discussions that carried on even after the skype lesson was finished.

We can't wait to SKYPE again!!  As for FaceTiming......well that was pretty cool too!!!  I LOVE technology!!!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

We have been reading and writing poetry for Poetry Month and using digital tools to PUBLISH our writing.  Check out some of our Glogster posters, Prezi presentations and Vokis