Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reading Because of Winn Dixie

We've started our next literature book, Because of Winn- Dixie.  We will be learning new reading strategies and applying the skills we learn to our work in our Reader's Notebook.  We've already learned about MAKING CONNECTIONS (that could be Text to Self, Text to Book, or Text to World) and so we will be practicing applying that literacy strategy as we continue to read this story.  We will be learning to identify main ideas and determine important details also with this story.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome Back!!

We are back at it and what a great start we've had!  Meet our wonderful class in the slideshow on the HOME page!!

I am already enjoying the wonderful group of third graders and although we are a large, large class......I know we will become a tight knit family because that is just how we ROLL!!! :)

Be sure to ask your child about a very important FIRST DAY SNACK that we enjoyed together......and the tasty traits we want to see in our classroom!!  (The friendship mix contains raisins-which represent the friendly kids we want in our room, the peanuts represent the hard working students we want in our room, the M&M's are the kids who say kind things to encourage, the sesame toasties represent strong thinkers that we want in our room and we didn't use the rotten banana in our snack because we know that one rotten banana can ruin the whole snack.....just like we don't want a rotten banana in our classroom to ruin a good year for us!)  

We read First Day Jitters and Mrs. Fannin made her Fabulous Juice while we created a Friendship snack for all to share!  It's going to be a FABULOUS year!