Friday, November 15, 2013

Winn Dixie party

Today we celebrated another round of 15 Horseshoes and we had a Because of Winn Dixie story party!!  It was awesome and we even brought PICKLES!    What a great way to celebrate good behavior with an excellent story!!  The kids had an awesome time and we even noted some major differences from the movie to the I think it was a majorly,  successful,  literature  event!

I think our favorite line of the movie was....." Now, what in corn on the cob?....."   Mathew laughed until he was turned over on this line!!!

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  1. Have been looking for some easy and simple ideas for a tea party. Thinking of going with hatter’s tea party theme. It will look great there. Will do the best arrangements. Going to organize this party at one of LA event venues. Hope everything will be good.