Saturday, December 7, 2013

Miss Ali

What a joy it has been to share my classroom with the sweet, efficient, lovely and bright, Miss Ali!!  She surprised me with this hand-made decoration this week!!  She hates surprises.... So she's in store for some fun herself, come next week!  Hee, hee😄. 

We love our Miss Ali and will miss her terribly, but wish her well as she graduates and moves on to become what we are certain of-an amazing teacher!!

Honoring Nelson Mandela

With the sad news of his passing, we devoted our Read Aloud Friday, to an incredible man and leader of Good--Nelson Mandela!!

I also shared some of my favorite Nelson Mandela quotes with the students.  While I usually save these for our African-American Unit in seemed timely to honor him on this day! May he rest in peace.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

It's the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year!!  We are switching up our literature circle for the month of Dec. as we indulge in some favorite Christmas stories.  We continue our literacy strategies, Making Connections, Asking Questions and Predicting in our Reader's Notebooks.  We also continue the CAFE menu and Daily 5 workstations!  We are so excited about the huge gains the students had on their recent MAP Reading test!!!  So we've updated all of our Daily 5 stations and groups have changed to reflect this new growth!!