Sunday, July 27, 2014

August 2014

WELCOME BACK!!!!!   I am so excited to see your smiling faces and can't wait to get started with another fabulous year of school!!

Please check our HOME tab for much information regarding the start of another school year!  You can also access our suggested school supplies at the tab on the right bottom and get information on how to sign up for our REMIND class communication service.

You can listen to my newest classroom craze song here!  This is from The Lego Movie and is my new favorite! I always incorporate music in my teaching (just ask my neighbor, Mr. Bush ;)
  It'll be on often in our classroom this year~~

Another favorite of mine is Good Day!  I like this song because we always aspire to have a good day in our room!! 

And last year I fell in love with the song, Happy!!  So your child might just come home humming any of these tunes this year--you have been warned!  :)