Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Literature Circle/Book Clubs

We also have some students who are now participating in Literature Circle/Book Clubs with the following books.  They are working so well and enjoying these more advanced activities!
Current reading includes:
Charlotte's Web and The City of Ember!  Two favorites of my own as well as favorites of my own children when they were younger!

Image result for charlotte's web Image result for city of ember

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

 Our next author study is Jeff Kinney who has a very enjoyable and funny series with Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!  The students are all set with their GOALS and our Reader's Notebooks work!  This story is loaded with of IDIOMS and the students will be INFERRING their meaning.  We will also use graphic organizers to help us determine IMPORTANCE of details as we select MAIN IDEAS for each chapter to help us RETELL events.  This is a very funny series and I was able to purchase 2 copies of the newest book in this series for my classroom library and I can tell you--it is already a HOT CHOICE!!!  The students are doing great about sharing it around.  If you check this month's book order, the newest book is available!  This will probably be on many student's Christmas List this year!  ;)