Friday, April 29, 2016

Tuck Everlasting

WOW!  That's about all you can say! (*reference to Lily's Purple Plastic Purse ;)  This book is simply amazing!!  We are enjoying Tuck Everlasting and the excitement in our room around reading is astonishing!!  I love it!  I am thrilled, as a teacher, to see such GLOWING excitement for a story!  It is making us question, think, infer, connect like no other story and I'm in awe of the reaction the students are having with this book, although I am not surprised!  This was, and still is, one of my favorites and it was also my own children's favorites from elementary school!  Even I find new things to appreciate about the craft of writing every time I read it with my class.  Thank you, Natalie Babbitt, for teaching us how to be deep readers and better writers with your work!  We are LOVING our work in our Reader's Notebook with this adventurous story!!  Exciting!  Wow!
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