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I decided to add this page to the blog because parents/guardians just don't get a lot of opportunities to be inside the building and see all the wonderful work we display.  This will give everyone a glimpse ;)

 March 2018

We celebrated I Love to Read Week and Read Across America with a little digital love for Dr. Seuss!!!  We used Google Slides and created some math Venn Diagrams showing attributes of same and different.  Students were very challenged by this activity and moved through difficult levels to advance.  These are fishing for your compliments!!  This was a project that we did using our new chrome books!!!  It was awesome having everyone working on it at the same time!

Feb. 2018
We did a Love is writing and wrote about ways our families show love.  Then we had a candy heart challenge!!!!  We grabbed 6 candy hearts and had to go back through our piece to REVISE and EDIT in order to use the words from our candy hearts in our writing!  What a great lesson on EDITING!!!  It turned out so cute!  Take a peek!

Jan. 2018
We were so inspired by some online Google slide projects this fall that we decided to make our own and we made ours a GLYPH!  If you aren't familiar with a GLYPH it is a data display where items in the picture tell information about the topic (sort of like a pictograph).  Our GLYPHS are going up on display now through January--Do YOU wanna build a Snowman???  ;)

Nov. 2017
We have really enjoyed our GOOGLE CLASSROOM slide project on Turkey Disguise!  So much so that it inspired us to create our own for a Snowman!  (Coming in Dec.!!)  Until then--sneak a peek at our adorable Turkeys!!!

Oct. 2017
We found this wonderful Pumpkin carving Jack-o-lantern digital project online and we LOVED making our own digital carvings!  Take a look!

Sept. 2017
We are beginning our HALL OF FAME for excellence in short answer responses!  All year we will work together to develop strong writers and improve our written responses.  Students who demonstrate excellence will be on display in the hall for various responses.  We will alternate hall displays throughout the year between short answer prompts in Reading or Math and other displays of work.  Enjoy!

Aug. 2017

You're FINALLY Here!!!

We did an activity with our first Read Aloud for back to school titled, You're Finally Here!  See our work below!

Coming May 2017
We will be writing from the NARRATIVE writing unit and reading Fractured Fairy Tales or Mixed-up Fairy Tales with this unit.  We will be developing our own versions of a favorite fairy tale.  :)

April 2017
We have been learning about collecting data and making data displays such as line plots, tally charts, bar and pictographs.  We decided to make this a real life project so the students worked with partners to come up with a survey question that they could ask another class in our school.  Here are there very colorful graphs!

March 2017
We are gearing up for I Love to Read Week and Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with some fraction fun with truffula trees!!!  We also did school wide door decor 😄
that was made by the students!!   Some bunny is happy to be surrounded by beautiful, lush truffula trees!!  

Feb 2017   Love is.......in the air!  :)

We did some fun writing for Valentine's Day with a candy heart activity.  The students wrote personal narratives about what Love Is and how their families show love.  Then they had the "challenge" of pulling out 6 candy hearts with messages on them--and going back to their writing to REVISE and EDIT to incorporate the words from their candy hearts into their piece.  They turned out so cute!!  See for yourself!  

We also had a few really creative Valentine boxes that we wanted to share--how cute are these???  So creative!

Jan 2017  Getting GLYPH-Y with it!
We are collecting and displaying data with a cute Frosty helper!!  Check out our data display GLYPHS!

Jan 2017
Our District Writing Plan has INFORMATIONAL writing next, so we connected our Science to include learning about animals.  We researched an animal and wrote informational articles to share our learning.    We made many connections in Reading and Writing as our Reading Unit was on Informational Texts as well.  Students included text features in their pieces (such as a picture, caption, fact box etc.) Pictures coming soon!!  We used several MENTOR TEXTS to model exemplar writing and study authors who have written great examples of informational books and articles.

Dec. 2016
As part of our district Writing Plan, we worked on OPINION pieces this term with the mentor book, The Best Part of Me.  Students wrote about their best parts and took creative pictures to include in their writing pieces.  They turned out very well!  

Aug. 2016
We had out first Writing/Art craftivity when we shared what our Summer Eyes Saw-a reflection on our 2 favorite Summer activities.  Look how nice they turned out!  

Previous Year posts:

April 2015
We are finally sharing a writing that we did in February as a school wide initiative on Narrative Writing.  The students had to practice writing an On Demand style (no drafting, revising, etc) on a topic that we had read about in our Scholastic News.  The topic was bullying and we are sharing our writer's who met the goals of the rubric.  

March 2015
We are working on fractions and created these adorable pictures using either fraction balloons or fraction kites.  

We are stepping up to fourth grade writing as we move to 3.8 paragraphs.  This month we did went through the writing process on Narrative writing with a "Love is...." piece.  They turned out.....well, lovely!

We begin a new year with some SNOW adorable glyphs!!  This display helps us with gathering data and sharing the data.


We also made musical Nutcrackers that matched the beat, rhythm and tempo to different colors this month.

We made Multiplication Christmas Trees to help us practice our facts.  Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree......

We are learning the multiplication facts and decided to get a little jive turkey with it!  Gobbling up our multiplication facts with a turkey craftivity!

We are beginning our Monster Project Writing for an integrated math, art and writing piece.  This helps us learn to write a "how to" piece in a fun and enjoyable way.  We are learning to write to inform as someone from the other 3rd grade class is going to try and draw our monsters, based on our written directions.  

We began our Narrative writing unit with a Bio Poem piece.  The students are also working on a narrative writing piece but this one was our introduction to writing about ourselves.  They did a great job and picked one small moment to elaborate with more details. 

We are excited to be back to school and learning all about each other.  We did a Math About Me Glyph to learn the 411 on each other!  :)

It's DERBY time in KY!!  To celebrate we held a culture night and students learned about Cinco de Mayo as well as the KY Derby!  Each class designed their own class silks for the Derby festivities!  I think ours are WILD!!!  :)

We completed adorable fraction Trufula trees for I love to Read Week and celebrating Dr. Seuss!  

We did a unit of Science experiments with candy hearts and also had a cute writing opportunity using the words in a handful of candy hearts.  Happy Valentine's Day!  You can purchase the entire unit here.  

Who knew snowmen could be so adorable?  We made snow-adorable glyphs!  Each attribute of the snowman means something and you use the key to interpret the data.  Snow much fun!!

We are continuing to learn the multiplication facts so we made multiplication stories with a Christmas craftivity.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.......in our hall!!

We are starting our multiplication unit as we learn to use repeated addition to solve multiplication problems and build array models.  We decided to use our math skills along with our hall display for Turkey Time! Gobble, Gobble!

We have been working on a Spook-tac-u-lar Monster Project which integrates writing and math.  The students drew monsters using geometric shapes, then wrote directions for someone else to try and use to draw their monster.  Our Monster Match-Up is on display now! 

We are getting into the swing of things and getting our assessments completed!  Our hall display is now showing our Cloud Creations as we learned about weather patterns and cloud types.  Students had a challenge to sort the different weather stories and design a cloud that matched the weather being described in the story.  They enjoyed this lesson and the Read Aloud from The Cloud Book by Tommie  de Paola that we had outside in our outdoor classroom!  It was perfect weather today......and not a cloud in the sky, but we sure had fun making our own!!


It's back to school time and the hall display is full of fun things we did over the summer!  This was our first writing piece and we completed it on the first day of school!  The bio-poems were our next writing piece along with a friendly letter as we wrote pen pal letters to a 3rd grade class at McBrayer!  We will also skype with them!

As we enjoy Poetry Month, we are inspired to write our own poetry with several inspired books, The Best Part of Me and other poetic writing about a topic we are most familiar with--ourselves!  Enjoy the digital displays we create we we photograph, write and digitally produce our latest writing project--THE BEST PART OF ME!!  We will be using several technologies to PUBLISH this writing; VOKI, PREZI, GLOGSTER,PHOTOSTORY and others.  Each will be unique, creative and personal choice for each student.....because after all, real authors CHOOSE how they want to PUBLISH their work! :)

We have celebrated Dr. Seuss and I Love To Read Week and we also connected it to what we've learned about fractions with our Trufulla Tree Fraction Art.

Love is in the air.......and on our walls!  We completed a narrative writing assignment for the Love is.... project.  It is so sweet to read what the students had to say about love <3

The cute background paper and some writing organizers to accompany this writing can be purchased here.

Our s*n*o*w adorable glyphs!!  Just look at that Frosty go!!  Giving all that information......data displays are chill!

We are learning multiplication and our Christmas Trees have a story to tell.  Oh, Christmas Tree......Oh, Christmas Tree......

And speaking of Christmas trees.......here's our lovely leopard print theme tree for the PTO auction!! 


We made fraction turkeys!!   Couldn't you just gobble them up?  ;)

It's here!!!  The Monster Exchange Project.  Students drew pictures of monsters using geometric shapes and then wrote a "How to...." writing piece in which they used time order words to give another student directions to follow to see if they could redraw their monsters with written instructions.  It was a frightening task, but they learned a lot about giving clear and precise details.  After, we put them up for a hall display to see if other students could do the Monster Match!!  It was spook-tacular!


Meet our Class!! We wrote Bio Poems to share about ourselves.


Our first unit was an All About Me unit and we made All About Me Glyphs combined with a Math About Me activity.  They turned out so cute!

All About Me glyphs with Math About Me

Here are a few close up--

close up of All About Me with Math About Me craftivity

We did our first class graph by graphing our eye color.  We decided to display the data in a pie/circle graph because the students liked that it was round like our eyes-

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