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In December we do a school wide unit on Christmas Around the World.  Our class is taking Spain as our country to report on and create a display for the school with what we learn.  We have enjoyed comparing and contrasting all the various traditions and celebrations for different countries and how they celebrate the Christmas holiday.  There are many similar traditions and also some interesting differences in which we all celebrate Christmas!  Peace on Earth!!

Image result for christmas around the worldImage result for christmas around the world

For February we are doing a unit on African-American History.  We are studying two distinct time periods -Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement.  We have really enjoyed learning about these two time periods and we are currently creating digital products for our writing portfolios that integrate technology.  We are using BiteSlide to create digital timelines.  
We also enjoyed learning about Jazz music and the cultural influence of African-Americans on this genre of music as well as what evolved to hip hop and rap music.

Here are some student samples:  More to come as we complete our projects!!

We like to stay current on news so we often check out Channel One News for kid-friendly news stories.  You can check the website out here.

We had a great day on our field trip!!  Our meals were great and we had a cultural connection with Mexican food because we are doing the Symbolic Migration Butterfly exchange with Mexico.  (You can get more info. on our Science page).

We open our own class business twice a year to sell a product.  We create a product, form teams for production, advertising (print and media) and sales.  It is a great, hands on way, to learn economics. Check out our commercials below

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Our Social Studies textbook website

We use Scholastic News Online weekly to connect Informational Text with learning Social Studies concepts.  

March 2012 The students are busy finalizing their African-American History Multi-media project presentations.  These will be available online soon. The students are using prezi and glogster to create their presentations and learning about presentation skills in the process.

Feb 2012
We are at it again!!!  Operning another class business venture selling Kiss-a-grams!  The students are so enjoying applying everything we learned in economy from our first run of the business to improve and revise our store this second time around.  Our commercial group has worked hard creating beautiful advertisements to display around the school and the radio ad group makes sure the school announcements go smoothly each morning and afternoon.   The commercial group has been busy filming their TV* ad (on our Ipads!!!) and our sales group is handling all the $$.  (selling is fun math!)  We will create a Venn Diagram comparing both rounds of the business to clarify what we've learned from the experience.

Dec 2011We thoroughly enjoyed our virtual field trips to the Plimouth Plantation (for a study of the First Thanksgiving, Comparing Pilgrim life to Native American life) and learning about the many Native American tribes and how they used the resources available to them in their environment to survive.   

November 2011
We are embarking upon our first business venture with the opening of our class business to sell spook-a-grams (a Halloween cut out with a message and treat).  The students have learned about basic economic principals and formed committees to carry out each aspect of operating a business.  They are so excited and enjoying this project very much.  Our business unit will be revisited in Feb. when we sell kiss-a-grams.  At that point, we will use what we learned from the first run of the business, to improve upon our ideas and adjust our project to increase our profit!  The students are learning many economic concepts in this active learning, hands-on activity!  Real life application in learning!! 

Fall 2011

We were very fortunate to have a guest visitor, Kage Cloud's dad, who is a Native American
and he came to our school to perform his talent of playing Native American flute.  He showed the students several different flutes that he had carved out of wood and also some that were commercially made. His music was soothing and peaceful and he shared some information about the Native American culture as well.  Thank you Mr. Cloud, for sharing your gift with us!

Fall 2010
We have learned the ways to be a good citizen.  Stop by the hall and see our Citizenship booklets.  We have also learned about the branches of government, and what each branch does.  We had the pleasure of Dr. Sharps' MSU Social Studies students, who taught a unit on Native Americans and we really enjoyed learning about the many different regions of Native Americans and the homes, food and cultural differences they each had. We have also learned about our early American settlers and the 13 original colonies.  We are thankful for our early settlers and appreciate how advances in industry and technology have made our lives much easier today.

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