We love to use Technology such as SKYPE, Face Time, Google Classroom and Virtual Field Trips to connect our students with the WORLD and extend the learning beyond the walls of our classroom!  Here-we share some of the SKYPE sessions that we have done and virtual field trips.  I included this webmix for students to have follow up access to all of the SKYPE/VF sessions in which we participate so that they may have easy access to more information on the topics and tours that we take in the classroom.   (click on the VIEW IN SYMBALOO link for best viewing of the webmix.)

May 2015
Flat Stanley had a great time in Punta Cana with our very own, Mrs. Lewis when he snuck in with them for their honeymoon!  

April 2015
Well our Flat Stanley had quite an adventure on the road with UK basketball to the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis, IN at the Lucas Oil Stadium!  He got to meet a few famous folks!  Charles Barkley and Ashley Judd.  Of course he was sad to see the result of the game against Wisconsin :(  but he sure enjoyed all the activities! You can view his adventures in our map here. 

March 2015
We celebrated Reading with Read Across America Week activities and a Reading Night!  We also squeezed in cultural studies by learning about the Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) celebration.

Feb 2015
We had a unit on African-American History for Black History Month.  The students were so interested in the 2 time periods that we studied, Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement.

We also began a weather unit this month on weather hazards.  The students are going to work in groups and research a weather hazard and create a digital presentation to share about their hazard with classmates. 

Jan 2015
The Adventures of Flat Stanley continue with some global visits!! You can view Flat Stanley Adventure Travels Map

Flat Stanley with my cousin in Hong Kong!!

and in Ireland!!

and he also made his way to Paris, France!!!  Thanks to our friends for taking FS along on their travels and sharing in the adventure with us this way!!!

Dec. 2014
We have been busy Santa helpers this month with our community service project as we chose to participate in the Angel Tree donation instead of doing a gift exchange!  I love the giving hearts of children!!  We were able to select two angels from the tree with our generous donations and we really enjoyed online shopping, doing the math in our math journals with our given budget and wrapping our gifts!  'Tis the Season!!

We also attended a college basketball game as part of an anti-bullying community program.  Students were celebrated for showing kindness to others.  Congratulations to our class honoree, Sophie Price!!

Finally we put our Speaking, Listening and Viewing skills to work as we researched for part of a school wide unit on Christmas Around the World.  Each student worked to research several different countries and then presented in groups while other students took notes to compare and contrast the variety of celebrations for this joyous holiday around the world!
You can view a few of the student's digital presentations that they shared with their classmates of their research here.

Nov. 2014
We have a busy November!  We are doing a unit on Nutrition with a Discovery Education Virtual Field Trip to the White House for Cooking up a  Healthy Lifestyle with First Lady, Michelle Obama's Let's Move Initiative!  We are also going to journal our food diary for a week and compare it to the My Plate Guideline, share peer feedback and see what we can do to improve our daily dietary choices, and we're watching the nutrition documentary, Fed Up.  Finally we will keep a sugar diary for a week to see how our sugar intake stacks up to the AHA dietary guidelines!  

And of course Veteran's Day is in November so we were fortunate to have a guest speaker, Greg Arthur, who is a Veteran, and he shared an inspiring presentation on his service along with a question-answer session that left everyone feeling quite proud to be an American!!!
We will also be performing in the Veteran's Day Program with a special song on the branches of the Armed Forces!

Oct. 2014
Sharing our updated interactive map for keeping up with our Flat Stanley Project!    He's been busy over fall break!  ;)

Sept. 2014
Virtual Field Trip to Chobani Greek Yogurt Factory in Idaho.   
Standards:  Students will create a visual art model of a boat using straws and foil for a Science experiment in engineering to design a container for yogurt.
Students took a virtual tour of the Chobani Greek Yogurt Factory in Idaho through Discovery Education.  They learned about the process of making Greek Yogurt and about the career opportunities of working in a yogurt factory.  They charted what they learned in their Social Studies journals and made literary connections in reading to (sequencing) and (problem/solution) as the workers from the virtual trip shared that they are always looking for ways to improve their product or containers or packaging.  They also brainstormed questions before the virtual trip and then recorded any answers that the virtual trip provided.  Then we shared together any new questions they still had and we charted a questions page for our Social Studies journals.  

We did a Reader's Theatre play for writer's workshop on Strong Verbs to teach the importance of good word choice in our writing.  Students use the speaking, listening and viewing skills to create the performance and peer review with feedback on how to improve before filming production.  Clips of the play are posted on our Strong Verbs Play tab.  The students were very excited to perform for their peers! A sample clip is included here. 

Sept. 5, 2014                     3rd Grade             Mrs. Fannin and Mrs. Grinstead
August 2014

We begin our year long service learning project with Monarch Butterfly Migration by learning about them through various online and print sources and then participating in the Journey North's Symbolic Migration Project.   The students will learn about the Migration process and create symbolic butterflies to send to Mexico at the Monarch butterfly sanctuary.  We will chart our learning in our Science Journals, view various media and interact online through the Journey North's website, and learn about the culture and daily life of students in Mexico.  Then, in the Spring, their symbolic butterflies will return and students will record citings using the online interactive map as the butterflies return to the United States.   Standards in this unit include Science, Reading, Social Studies, Writing, Math, Arts and Humanities and Career Education.
 The students are super excited about beginning this JOURNEY with Journey North! You can view more information about this project here. 

Program Review Standards addressed with this project are:  

PRIMARY Dem 1 ab student had access to curriculum. Teacher collaboration occurred among a common unit between Mrs. Grinstead and Mrs. Fannin’s classes, common assessments were used in the area of Life Science and writing, feedback was given to improve work.  Dem 2 ab adequate instructional time to plan an enact curriculum,  dem 3 abc students engaged  in cross curricular instruction that is deliberate, culturally responsive and includes hands on, authentic and applied learning experiences, this project is very hands-on and authentic as students are mailing butterflies to a sanctuary in Mexico and students in Mexico will be responding back to our students. Standard 2 dem 1 assessment ab- teachers embed day to day and week to week informal assessments and use multiple and developmental appropriate assessments to systematically gather data bout student understanding of learning targets, reflect on instruction and make adjustments, assessments occur throughout the year on the Life Science topic of Lifecycles and animal adaptation such as migration.

WRITING Standard 1 Curriculum & Instruction Demonstrator 1&3- (dem1abc) Students take notes and record information during learning in interactive Science Notebooks, writing is connected to real world experiences with the symbolic migration and (dem2e )writing to students in Mexico  (dem3 a—f) literacy instructional strategies are used in all reading instruction, students seek a deeper understanding around the topic of migration through creating symbolic butterflies, engage in regular use of technology with online posting of citings, online interactive videos and stories and information using speaking, listening and viewing skills, communicating to an authentic audience in different forms for various purposes, engage in discussions with teachers and peers with a means to publish/share work.   (Dem4 a-d) students utilize communications distinctive to specific disciplines and purposes with this project through written and verbal communications.  Students demonstrate and learn respect of cultural differences discovered through written and virtual interactions online with students in Mexico.  Standard 2 dem 1a-d teachers and students collaborate to set writing goals informed by feedback through the project in Science Journals and Writer’s Notebooks.  Students and teachers co-develop scoring guides and rubrics to assess writing and communication.  Students wrote compare/contrast charts on Mexico to USA (KY) lifestyles and culture with the Day in the Life activity where they viewed a video of the day in a life of a Mexican student.

ARTS & HUMANITIES  Standard  St 1 Curriculum & Instruction (Dem 1,2,&3) St. 2 (Dem 1b,2,3) Standard 4, Dem. 1b, cdefg Dem 2abc-The students created symbolic butterflies as well as collaboratively created an artistic piece as a butterfly collage and then individually created a symbolic butterfly.  We then mailed them to an exchange school in Mexico.  Students read online informational text, viewed videos to share in cultural exchange and created a collage to send to Mexico.  They also charted the migration online via a live map.  They recorded their knowledge, questions and learning in their interactive Science Journals throughout the unit and throughout the year. They drew and labeled the stages of the butterfly lifecycle in their Science Journal with feedback from peers and after looking at model pictures online of each stage of the lifecycle as well as video clips of eggs hatching and butterflies hatching to adults.  They were exposed in literacy to stories about butterfly migration and shared multiple text formats (online, books, multi- media presentations) to learn information about the migration process and culture of students in Mexico.  They did compare/contrast on a day in the life of a student in Mexico at the butterfly sanctuary and their daily life.  Peer Assessments were used for the art project of making their butterflies.  Exemplar art models were shown and used, clearly defined rubrics were created together and shared, meaningful feedback was given as students created 2 butterflies to send in the project. 

Prac/Liv/Career PRAC. LIV/CAREER Standard 1 Curriculum & Instruction Demonstrator 4 Career Education (a-g)  Dem 3 Consumerism b-This project helps bring awareness to butterfly migration and also supports the monarch sanctuary in Mexico.  They saw other projects that Journey North hosts online and learned about the organization and career opportunities it provides. The students practice career education as students develop and practice career and leadership skills through service learning projects.  This project is part of a Service Learning because of the awareness it brings to migration and the monarch sanctuary in Mexico.  

April 2014
The Adventures of Flat Stanley continue and he's been to so many different locations!!  We love learning about the world through his travels.....and he even met a famous rapper at the UK Final Four Game--DRAKE!!   You can follow our map of his travels in the link below!!   Mrs. Fannin's Flat Stanley Project Map 2014 

March 2014
We have been reading the Flat Stanley  series and today we went to see the LCT's performance of the Musical.  We enjoyed comparing and contrasting the commonalities and differences and how they changed certain aspects of the story to create a play form.  We charted our compare/contrast using a 3-T chart.  We also discussed the careers of the production (props, sound effects, lighting, etc.) and met each actor and learned where they were from (some from as far away as NY!)  

We also started blogging our adventures of Flat Stanley with the Flat Stanley app. Within minutes, we had sent our Flat Stanleys out around the world and received Stanleys from other places!  What fun!  We get to SKYPE with some of our exchanges and learn about other cultures, foods, climate, landmarks and areas outside of our town!   You can get the app here!  Our Stanley has already been to Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Haiti and he visits New York next week!

Click the link below to see all the locations that our Stanley visits in real time on our google map.  Mrs. Fannin's Flat Stanley Project Map 2014 

Brady shows Flat Stanley how to climb the swings!

Flat Stanley visiting Panama City Beach, Florida!

Flat Stanley in a log cabin in TN!
Kindergarten teachers take Flat Stanley to the Smokey Mtns of TN!

Flat Stanley at My Life Speaks school in Neply, Haiti with Miss Izzy!

Stanley at the Arc in St. Louis, MO
Stanley gets frozen yogurt at Bellas in St. Louis, MO

Stanley arm wrestling with a rugby player from Ireland!

Hanging  out with Stanley at recess!

Stanley helping coach the Dance Team!

Stanley takes a night tour and visits the Capitol Bldg with the Gateway Arc in the background in St. Louis, MO

Stanley at Disney's Haunted Mansion in Orlando, FL
Stanley in front of Cinderella's Castle in Disney World, FL

Stanley doing Daily 5 Read To Self -Photo-bomb by Kaleb!

We had a Magician visit our school this week to do a Magic Show but the real magic was the fact that he was deaf!!  He was so inspiring and had such an amazing show and uplifting message!  He spoke to the students about his CAREER and how he struggled with his disability until he worked hard and and overcame  obstacles and developed a show that he could take on the road to entertain audiences.  He spoke to the students about being positive and making good choices in life.  

Feb 2014
We attended a ballet yesterday for Sleeping Beauty and were SO excited when we discovered that the ballerina we had Skyped with (back in Dec.) was performing in the ballet!  The kids and I were thrilled to get to meet her and see her perform.   It was a wonderful opportunity to expose the students to a CAREER in ballet and help them make connections to the CAREER by seeing someone perform in their professional role that they had also met previously through technology integration (in the delivery of the career education).  The students had learned of Brie's career but this allowed them to actually see her perform with the ballet company in her role. 

Feb 2014
We are doing a school wide theme on the Winter Olympics along with African-American History studies.  Below you will find a webmix of Winter Olympic resources.  I will be adding African-American History resources in another webmix soon!!

Winter Olympics Webmix

January 2014
We enjoyed a week long Residency in Drama with Lexington Children's Theater and a guest speaker/artist, Miss Octavia!  She worked with 3rd and 5th grades on all aspects of drama including a production and performance of an Appalachian version of Cinderella. 

We incorporated an intermediate grades unit on Appalachia which included our art/music/gym classes all collaborating on teaching about the Appalachian culture within their disciplines. 

December 2013
We have been doing a special Christmas integrated unit with The Nutcracker Ballet.  This was an intermediate (grades 3-5) and across all areas (Music, PE, and Art).  

 The Intermediate team classes each viewed The Nutcracker Ballet and read various versions of the story.  We also collaborated with Art/PE/Music teachers to integrate the unit across all disciplines.  Students wrote reflections to the Ballet in their Reader’s Notebook.  They did a compare/contrast writing activity comparing the ballet to a chosen favorite version of the story from the many versions we read together in class.  (WRITING/ARTS/HUM)
To integrate Careers in Practical Living, we also had a guest speakers come in and teach the students a few steps/elements of ballet and learn to perform these.  (Ms. Robinette who is a 12 year trained ballerina and assistant coach of our high school dance team, and Ms. Lauren Monet, who owns a local dance studio in our town) Mrs. Robinette did an activity with students and they selected accompanying music to choreograph their piece for a classroom presentation.  She also spoke to the students on the cultural language (French) of the vocabulary used in naming the moves/elements of ballet.  She shared her 12 years of ballet training with the class and how hard work was required to train and practice for performances. (PRAC/LIV)

We also SKYPED with a performer from the Lexington Ballet to learn about the discipline, dedication and years of training that it takes to become a professional ballet performer.  (Brie Lowry) She also shared her profession with the students and how she trained to be part of a professional ballet company through auditions and perservearance.  She showed students some basic ballet steps/elements and explained the cultural connection (French) of the ballet terminology/vocabulary. (PRAC/LIV)

Students responded to the arts through a reflection in their Reader’s Notebooks, a compare/contrast writing with their chosen version of the Nutcracker and a reflection of the skype/guest speaker in their Social Studies Journals. (WRITING)
Our high school band came out and performed a Christmas concert for our school. After we discussed the many different instruments and instrument families that we heard in the band that we also identified being used in the music for The Nutcracker. We also discussed the career of our band director. (ARTS/HUM/PRAC/LIV)
There were also integrated elements of this unit with Art/Music and PE.  Evidence of those aspects of this unit are written separately by those collaborating teachers, but students participated in art projects, music activities and dance through those disciplines. (ARTS/HUM)

This week we had a SKYPE session with a Bat Specialist in Seattle, Wa!  The students had some excellent questions and he was able to answer them ALL!  We learned a lot about bats and we used Popplet to record our learning on an online graphic organizer creator!  We learned that 3 of the endangered bats have been found in our town!  Bats Incredible!

We had an opportunity to SKYPE with China last week while a Professor from MSU was visiting in China!  SKYPE is always such an exciting tool and the students are so engaged!  

We are so excited about using SKYPE in our classroom!!!  It is a wonderful tool to enhance learning.  We've also found that using Iphone's FaceTime feature could be equally educational when a parent FaceTimed us during her recent visit to Spain!!! We got a bird's eye view of the cobblestone streets and saw some amazing architecture!  These were experiences our small-town kiddos do not get to experience so it was quite a treat!!!

Today we skyped with a 3rd grade class from Virginia to compare and contrast animals native to each region.  Before the skype session, we researched about animals native to Kentucky. Then we created a compare/contrast graphic organizer using popplet.  We invited our skype class to be collaborators on our popplet so we could co-create the compare/contrast chart during the skype session.  Talk about engaging learners!!!!  WOW!!!  We had so much fun and learned that although we have MANY common animals.......Virginia had some different animals mostly due to the fact that they have an ocean bordering their state.  This lead to some rich discussions that carried on even after the skype lesson was finished.

We can't wait to SKYPE again!!  As for FaceTiming......well that was pretty cool too!!!  I LOVE technology!!!  

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